Blank Slate 1% Pledge Grant Application
At Blank Slate, we believe supporting education and non-profit organizations is important.  We're committed to making sure individuals and organizations in need have an opportunity to use our products. We've created the 1% Pledge grant in support of this effort. Our process is quick (typically 1-2 weeks notification) and simple (1 page application) and is primarily based on need.
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We typically provide a limited number of site licenses, preferring instead to provide a known quantity of user licenses.  Please provide details on the type of licensing you need.

Specific details are appreciated (e.g. 10 student licenses + 1 admin license).
In exchange for licensing, are you willing to share routine feedback about the use of our products?  Additionally, you acknowledge that Blank Slate can use the name (e.g. on our web site, social media) of your name and/or your organization name and logo in associated with receiving a grant from Blank Slate.

Please indicate what type of organization is applying (e.g. public school, 501c3, etc.)

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